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September 23, 2011


May 21, 2011

Trying to keep up with updates… my tweeter is going but not so much my blogging…

May 18th

Last day of school (HALLELUJAH)… got on a plane at 3… flew to minneapolis… had a three hour layover there… flew 9 hours to amsterdam… 1.5 hour layover there… 3.5 hour flight to athens… arrived in athens at 4 or 5 pm on the 19th

May 19th

picked up from the airport around 5… when to the hotel and freshen up… then went to the church and met up with pastor spyros… did something, i dont remember much (jet lag)… went to dinner… the food is amazing… pastor spyros said that i would receive “food persecution”… and i did… i ate so much, because i felt impolite to not eat what was in front of me, the bad thing is that spyros kept putting it in front of… food persecution… after that delicious torture we went back to the hotel where we watched them light up the acropolis.

May 20th

had the morning off… and dad woke me up at 8:30 (not very happy) to go sight seeing… took the athens city tour… very cool, highly recommend it… visited mars hill… the acropolis… zeus’s temple… and just enjoyed the city… skipped lunch, cause i was still very full from the night before… went to the hotel and rested a little bit… very happy… went to the church around 5ish… dad and george rigos (a greek pastor in cali) had the first session… went very well… after that we went to dinner (9:30 pm normal greek dinner time) and again with the food persecution… the food is amazing a second time, but still the pressure to eat what was in front of me… “Come on Tomas, Come on eat” – pastor spyros… very tired and very full we went back to the hotel and fell asleep right away.

Best panorama i could do on the spot… want to go back and get a 360 shot with my ipod

May 21st

woke up very tired, very full… ate only fruit at breakfast… came to the church at 9:30ish… dad and george each spoke again… just finished up lunch, wishing this food would just work its way out already…

thats all i got to say about that, ill blog some more after we all get raptured tonight

Fishing the Amazon

February 24, 2010

There was some down time and one of the things we did to fill that time was to fish. Fish were literally jumping on to the boat.

that is me catching my first amazon catfish.

This is one of the common fish of the amazon. If you catch it, kill it, because it can eat a hole though skin. One person inhaled some river water and accidentally swallowing a fish like this and it ate a hole though his stomach, killing him. They are also really ugly because they have no eyes and the get of a slimy resado

The fish were plentiful.


Some weird looking cat fish


Evangelizing in Peru

February 23, 2010

Many people sent me to Peru (I thank you) and are probably wondering what was the spiritual side of the trip or what changed me when i was down there. Thats a hard question to answer. I was exposed to “old school evangelism” which looks like a deleted scene from End of the Spear and to a first timer is kind of shocking to witness. Though the Jesus film was in Spanish (quite frankly, every thing was in Spanish) it was not hard for me to pick up the mood of the atmosphere. And to honor those who gave so i could go do this, i wanted to give people a taste of that atmosphere through the power of pictures.

(Now you have to realize it is literally pitch black, the camera flash and flash lights are the only thing lighting this room)

Its hard to capture the mood of the place with a camera. People are sitting out side looking though these holes in the wall. You can feel a darkness over the place as, what i think was happening, some spiritual warfare going on. It was an experience i will never forget.

How we got into the jungle

February 13, 2010

Woke up early Saturday morning to pick up part of the crew. Drove to Omaha for a 10 o’clock flight to Houston. I was tired.

A few hour layover in Houston aload us to pick up the rest of the team. From Houston we had a six hour flight to Peru’s captial city Lima. Dad took this picture and calls it “Flying on the Edge of Darkness”.

Once in Lima we had a long layover in that airport. Which allowed us to see what people try to bring on planes.

The flight from Lima to the Amazon city of Iquitos was a perfect time to get caught up on my sleep. We arrived in Iquitos around 6:30 Sunday morning

We were picked up my a bus and drove down to the river where the Amazon Hope II waited for us and our 5 day adventure.

The team

February 12, 2010

From the left we have long time friend Court Ecklund, me and my dad, and Dr. Scott Ecklund, Court’s dad. In the second picture left to right is Laura, Yvonna, and Elie.

In Huston we picked up three more members of our team, Andrew and Mike (our dentists)

and our translator Pastor Fredy and Scott’s childhood friend Dan Wolff who we pick up in the Lima airport. And that was the American team.

What was my job?

February 11, 2010

When a patient would like to receive medical and/or dental care they would come on to the boat and check in. They would give us their name and their age. We would weigh them and take their blood pressure.

My dad would give them 2 anti-parasite pills, dad got dos (2) messed up with a dose, so there was some language confusion there.

They would write all this information down on a sheet of paper that Fransisco is holding

They would take the paper down stairs and wait to see the doctor or the dentist

After this they would come to me. Now, i speak fluent English and baby German but i can only count to six in Spanish because it rhymes. So they gave us the sheet of paper with their name diagnosis and prescripted medicine and it was Courtney and I’s job to record that information on a data sheet. Well not being a very good speller/reader reading sloppy Spanish doctors hand writing come almost impossible for me and court. So Susana the girl behind the counter tried to find the humor in it.